Bobcat Bartolo & The Liberation

SAT JUNE 22nd at 1:00pm

Born and raised in Kitchener and the surrounding areas, Canadian artist Joshua Bartolo is Bobcat Bartolo; founder, front man, and driving force of Bobcat Bartolo & The Liberation. Bobcat Bartolo & The Liberation play exclusively at 432 hz, and their playing invites you to listen in as they explore the sounds and flavours of a variety of genres, in a way that has not been heard before. Blending the high-octane sounds of bluegrass with the precision of electronic, the melancholy of blues with the spirit of reggae, the commanding beat of funk with the electricity of good old fashioned rock’n’roll. Bobcat Bartolo & The Liberation bring you a fresh new sound that is as unique and adventurous as it is hopeful. Bobcat Bartolo has written and composed each one of their original songs guaranteed to draw you in, some of which are now available on their growing YouTube channel. The Liberation is made up of a rotating roster of artists, and is designed to give fellow artists an opportunity to play and express themselves without the constraints of their own full time project, this formula allows Bobcat Bartolo to showcase and support countless artists along their musical journey. Bobcat Bartolo feels lucky to be blessed with the opportunities to collaborate with solo artists, helping them to bring their songs to life, or to discover a flavour they’d never imagined. Recent collaborations were showcased at An Evening of Peace, a multi act concert that was organized and presented by Bobcat Bartolo as part of Peace Week, in recognition of the UN International Day of Peace.