Joe's Basement

Joe's Basement is a Blues Rock trio out of Southern Ontario, who write as often as possible, whilst still learning songs they love by bands they admire. The members of Joe's basement have been long-time friends who have built their unique sound through extensive time playing with one another. Their goal is to bring a new edge to Blues Rock; keeping the roots strong, and applying a new feel that will keep up with the forever demanding sound that fans constantly crave. The band consists of founding members, Paul Vanderwielen-Lead Guitar, Tyler Neely-Vocals and Bass & Matt Schmidt-drums.

Getting to know the members:

Paul Vanderwielen - Paul began guitar at age 10, learning from a neighbour. He has since been involved in a number of projects, including "Adept Souls" with fellow bandmates Matthew Schmidt and Tyler Neely; as well as regular volunteer service sessions with his local church.

Other instruments: Harmonica, Piano, Bass, Vocals

Matthew Schmidt - Matthew began drums at age 15. Before then, he mainly lended guitar to a number of other acts, including Ayr Tyte. He has since been a member of Adept Souls with both Joe's Basement members.

Other instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Tyler Neely - Tyler began music at age 11, learning guitar from his mother and friend/long time bandmate, Paul Vanderwielen. Shortly after he found Bass to be his fate. He has since been involved in a number of other acts including Adept Souls, The Voodoo Dogs, as well as a solo project.

Other instruments: Harmonica, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals

"We hope to share our music with as many people as we can, and to share the emotions that we put into our songs. Music is more than just the rhythm, the melody, or the lyrics. It is the expression and collaboration of emotions that bring together individual creations and create a story for someone else to understand and connect with". - Joe's Basement