The Lucky Ones

SAT JUNE 22nd at 8:15pm

The Lucky Ones are back! The St. Catharines-based booze-fuelled punk rockers are set to release their sophomore album Heartbreak, Hangovers and Punk Rock on Europe Fall of 2012 (Stumble Records). Recorded with well-known local producer Steve Rizun (The Creepshow, The Flatliners), the album is 14 tracks of stripped-down, bare-knuckled punk rock at its finest.

Since the release of their debut album The Booze Sessions in 2010, The Lucky Ones have won two NMA Punk Rock Group of the Year awards, Had Songs featured in TV Shows & Movies and have played many festivals including D-Tox Rock Fest, Canadian Music Fest, Koi Fest, Rebel Fest, SCENE Music Festival and have shared the stage with the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, The Forgotten Rebels, USS, The Bouncing Souls and NOFX. Collectively, band members Steve Stumble (vocals), Robbie Knuckles (bass), Chris Nowicki (guitar), and Eric Hutt (drums) also own and operate an independent record label, book and promote bands, manage a pub, regularly tour with a variety of acts, run no less than three music and entertainment festivals, and they still manage to party hard enough to put most of us to shame!

Everyone knows that the best way to defeat a hangover is to keep on drinking, and Heartbreak, Hangovers and Punk Rock is the better-developed, more intense musical morning after for this band of veterans and de facto ambassadors of punk rock in Niagara. The Lucky Ones will be bringing the party over to Europe in the Fall of 2012 and Australia in 2013.