Vintage Flight

SAT JUNE 22nd at 5:15pm

Like the great rock & blues bands that paved the runway for music, Vintage Flight’s fans not only wear their cool band shirt, but actually listen to the music. They set out to make new music with a vintage edge… songs written with the passionate riffs and relatable lyrics that memories are made of. Four prodigious teens bent on bringing rock music back: Avalon Bridger vocals-14, Jake Shepherd guitar-18, Braydon Kains bass-20, Quinlan Missikowski drums-16.

Everywhere from private parties under popup tents to local bars, international showcases and festival stages for thousands - Vintage Flight's tight, high energy live performances are often compared to the many epic bands they admire. Vocalist Avalon Bridger, while just 14 and known as an old soul, puts her heart into every note as if she were born on a stage. Guitarist Jake Shepherd makes a lasting impression with his soulful bends and epic solos. Bassist Braydon Kains fat bass lines and vocals are the backbone of the band. And drummer, Quinlan Missikowski adds just the right beat to round out their sound.

Band members were honoured to be selected as Canadian representatives in the 2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis and have also been fortunate to play Grand Bend Canada 150 Main Stage on the beach for 15,000 people, Niagara Winter Wine Fest Main Stage and acoustic tent, Roots on the Twenty Main Stage, Kitchener Blues Fest Main and Tri-City stages, Summers End Fest, Big Music Fest, Kitchener City Hall NYE, Rock & Rumble, as well as several local clubs and bars. All of this a clear indication that this group isn’t just good for their ages, they are simply good.